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2It will always depend on your particular situation to determine which visa is the best for you.

Below are the options available to people who intend to extend their stay to more than the usual timeframe allowed for a visitor visa.

International Students

If you have been studying in New Zealand and want to extend your stay and start using your acquired skills there are a number of interesting options for you.

Skilled Workers / Residence

Depending on your profession, New Zealand may need your skills which would facilitate your extended stay or even permanent residence.

Business Migration

People wishing to start a business or invest in New Zealand can start their businesses/investments on a temporary visa basis which then would lead on to residence.

Partners and Family

If you have a New Zealand partner or family living/working/studying in New Zealand who can sponsor you to join them here.


For New Zealand business owners who are looking to employ people from abroad for lack of suitable staff in New Zealand.


For people considering to retire in New Zealand.