Visa sorted thanks to Ned Burke

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Rahul and Ned

Rahul was quite sure he could handle his visa application himself. He had done it many times before. No wonder he was surprised to hear that his visa was refused because his job offer was not at all relevant to his qualifications.

It is an essential element of a post study work visa to have a job offer relevant to your qualifications.

This mistake easily made almost cost him his whole future in New Zealand since he had become unlawful and had now 42 days to leave the country.


Master of Section 61s

Rahul came to Access NZ and asked for help. Ned Burke, our immigration lawyer with around 15 years of immigration experience in New Zealand and Ireland, sorted his situation out in no time. A section 61 request is the only remedy for somebody who is unlawful in New Zealand, but Immigration New Zealand has to right to refuse it without explaining why or to even refuse to consider it.  A thorough and outstanding explanation of the circumstances that led to becoming unlawful is therefore essential.

Anybody who finds themselves in a situation of being unlawful should try and remedy it as quickly as possible. Contact us at, if you need help.

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