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Visa assistance

We provide a thoroughly professional and personal service all the way through the visa application process. You will be allocated a dedicated case manager who will be your contact person at Access NZ. It will only be referred to other team members where additional input or specialist assistance is required. We believe that the personal nature of our service will assist in making the whole process that much easier for you.

Our visa assistance includes the following:

  • Discussing your overall immigration needs
  • Designing a strategy to meet those needs
  • Advice on how best to meet immigration requirements
  • Advice on documentation required
  • Collating documentation
  • Skills assessment
  • Advice on  job offers in terms of your overall immigration strategy
  • Lodgement of applications and supporting documentation
  • Liaising with immigration New Zealand
  • Updating you regularly on the progress of your application


In the provision of its services, because Mr Burke is a barrister, an instructing solicitor will normally be required.

Once you have committed to using our services we will in addition keep your company regularly posted on:

  • Any relevant immigration/employment law changes that might affect your business.
  • Offer advice on business processes to obtain and maintain accredited employer status.
  • Advise you on termination of employment.
  • Conduct a visa health check on current overseas employees.

Job seeker register:

Upload your CV and let us do the search for a job that will allow you to work and live in New Zealand.

Education choices:

Find out about the best pathways to residence and the best academic choices for you and your family.

Cultural introduction:

Let us introduce you to New Zealand, connect you with other migrants/students/workers

You can start the process by simply choosing one of the options below:


Email Inquiry: First three emails are free.

Face to face consultation: Feel free contact us on Skype or book a personal appointment through our Consultation Booking System.

 First phone call is free. Please remember that we are generally 10 – 12 hours ahead of GMT or CET (depending on Standard Time or Daylight Saving Times).