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trabEmployers seeking overseas staff

You tell us what the job is, its terms and conditions and what kind of person you want to fill it and we will do the rest. Once we have drawn up a short list of suitable candidates we will refer it to you for your approval.

After you have indicated your preferred candidate(s) we will conduct the necessary reference checks and police checks and arrange final interviews. When you have settled on a candidate we will then deal with all immigration matters.

Our service commitment does not stop there. Once you have committed to using our services we will in addition keep your company regularly posted on:

  • Any relevant immigration/employment law changes that might affect your business
  • Advise you on business processes to obtain and maintain accredited employer status
  • Advise you on termination of employment
  • Conduct a visa health check on current overseas employees

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There are several visa options that enable overseas people to work for New Zealand Employers. They include:

Student Visa

Students in certain categories are permitted to work for employers but for no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year and full time at other times.

Working Holiday Visa

Young people from certain countries are allowed to work in New Zealand for up to 12 months. The conditions of work visas for working holidaymakers vary according to the country they come from. The conditions are noted on the work visa endorsed in the passport and should be checked by prospective employers.

Open Work Visa

Partners of valid visa holders can themselves be granted an open work visa allowing them to work for any employer.

Work Visa

Where the employer can show that there are no suitable New Zealand citizens or residents available, a work visa can be granted to an overseas employee.

Essential Skills Work Visa

(Skills shortage lists, including Canterbury skills shortage list). No requirement for employer to show shortage of skilled New Zealanders. This is the category of work visa most employees aspire to as it puts them firmly on the path to obtaining a residence visa.

Residents / Skilled Migrant Category

A person with a resident class visa is free to work for any employer in New Zealand.

Becoming an Accredited Employer

This is a possible option where an employer seeks to be able to hire numerous staff over a period of time. This category creates a clear pathway to residency for employees once they have worked in New Zealand for 2 years and is therefore an attractive selling point when it comes to recruiting the right staff.

The immigration rules require that prospective employees meet any occupational registration requirements in their industry, are aged 55 years or under, will be paid a salary of at least NZ$55,000, have a job offer of at least 30 hours a week for two years or more, and meet health and character requirements.

To become an accredited employer you will need to be able to satisfy Immigration New Zealand that your business is in a sound financial position, has a high standard of human resources policies and processes, is committed to employing and training New Zealanders, that you comply with immigration and employment law and are a good employer.

Employers are accredited for twelve months at a time. Once accredited and when you have found staff, you need to make them a job offer that complies with the conditions above and support their application.